Our Team

Main team members of DARE project at SSU

  • Prof.  Lia Akhaladze
  • Prof. Tamar Shinjiashvili
  • Prof. Omar Ardashelia


Vakhtang Danelia

Bakar Asatiani

Trainers of trainings:

Prof.  Levan Jinjikhadze

Prof. Rusudan Pipia

Prof. Inga Morgoshia

Lia Akhaladze -Doctor of History, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities of Sokhumi State University. Dean of Education Faculty.  She studied in the specialty of  History at  A. M. Gorky State University of Abkhazia and at Sokhumi branch of Tbilisi State University. In 1996 graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in the specialty of source studies in the direction of historiography. Defended her doctoral thesis on "Georgian epigraphic monuments in Abkhazia in the IX-XVII centuries". Since 1995 she has been working at Sokhumi branch of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, first on the position of a teacher, then a docent and professor. In 2006-2008, head of the Quality Assurance Service of Sokhumi State University. Since 2011, elected Dean of the Faculty of Education. One of the program heads of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in History, Master’s program in Education Sciences and teacher preparation educational program. By her initiative the international periodical journal “Education” was established.  She is a chief-editor of  the journal.  Participates in international and national scientific conferences and forums, is a member and a coordinator of the European Union grant projects "Tempus” (2012-2015)  and “Erasmus +” (2015-2018)  at Sokhumi State University. Explores History of Georgia, Georgian culture, Multiethnic and Multicultural Georgia, the issues of source studies, Epigraphy, Paleography and History teaching methods.  She has published more than 100  scientific publications  in Georgian, Russian, English, French, Turkish,  Czech and Spanish languages, including 4 monographs, is a co-author of two university and three school methodical textbooks               

Tamar Shinjiashvili – Doctor of Economics in the specialty of Demography (2006). Education: Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University -  Bachelor's degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, Master of History in the specialty of  Demography. Associate Professor of Sokhumi State  University since 2009; June 2009 up to date – head of Teaching Process Management Service of the Faculty of Education at Sokhumi State University; October 2008-May 2009 – head of Quality Assurance Service of the Faculty of Education at SSU; October 2006-October 2009 - Assistant Professor at Sokhumi State University; 2002-2006 – a laboratory assistant of Demography Department at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,

Her scientific research interests - sociology of education, sociology, education policy, demography, political demography, social demography, active citizenship, children’s rights, curriculum development and teaching process management, multicultural and multiethnic education. Is author more than 45 articles and a monograph on the mentioned problems. Created several teaching  courses for students of  Bachelor’s  and Master’s programs at the Education  faculty of SSU. Is member of the International Union of scientific study of population, European  Population  Association, Asian Population Association. Participant of several local and international grants, was an active member and participant of EU grant project Tempus - DOIT,  participant of   trainings conducted in Multicultural and Multiethnic direction.

Is actively involved in teaching management process of Education Faculty. Participates in local and international conferences, scientific forums. Is one of the editors of an international periodical journal "Education".

Omar Ardashelia -  Doctor of History Sciences, Professor of Sokhumi State University. He graduated from  A. M. Gorky State University of Abkhazia (1985), then Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili History, Archaeology and Ethnography Institute, where in 1991 defended his doctoral thesis on "Eastern Policy of  Napoleon I and Georgia."

In 2006-2013 he was an associate professor of Sokhumi State University. Since 2013, Professor  in the field of International Relations. Since summer 2015 the member of the University Academic Council. Head of the Bachelor and Master programs of International Relations at Sokhumi State University.

His basic scientific research  field is the  theory and history of international relations, globalization and the safety challenges of the modern world, international relations in the  XIX-XX centuries and at the modern stage, in particular, Iran-France, Georgia-France, Iran-Georgia relations; participates in international conferences and projects, author of  about 60 scientific works, including 4 monographs in Georgian, Russian, French, English languages.

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